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Pre-Historic Dinosaur

The Pre-Historic range is designed for Pink Poppy’s brothers and friends, to create their own safari adventures with their favorite dinosaur. Excite and explore are two words that best describe this new Prehistoric range. Featuring strong and durable fabric that can withstand any rough tumbles and also features three dinosaurs silhouettes; Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex. To keep active minds running and out of mischief. The range includes a Dinosaur Safari Activity Book, with over 60 stickers and 16 pages of puzzles and games, this book will keep your curious little ones entertained with dinosaur’s fun for hours! This cheeky dinosaur also has matching pencil case, wallet, journal, tooth chest, utilities bag and satchel bag as well as a board game, memory game, mobile phone and car keys set, floor puzzles, tumbler and snow globe.