Owl Long Sleeved Apron

Brats n Rugrats


We all know how easy it is for your child to dip their arms and elbows in something when they’re doing arts, crafts and cooking. So when your little one gets the paints and crafts out, arm them with this long sleeved apron.

The bright colours and patterns will inspire your little one’s imagination and there’s no messing about putting them on with the simple neck closure. You’ll love them too as they’re easy to wipe clean – just try not to stand in the splash zone when the ideas (and the paint) start flying.


  • Made of lightweight screen-printed EVA               
  • Perfect for any arts and crafts project   
  • Velcro tabs at neck attach easily on back– one size fits most toddlers     
  • Pocket on the front       
  • Size: 43xm length x 37cm sleeve x 33cm chest