Rose Gold Foil Large Plate

Brats n Rugrats


Is there anything as special and eye-catching as a classic Rose Gold Foil? We thought not: This is one “trend” that is fast becoming a much-loved classic. That’s why we added the Rose Gold Foil Large Plate to our luxurious collection. Decadent, elegant and absolutely opulent, the rose gold foil is the star of the show, elevating the simplicity of disposable plates into special occasion paper plates, something neither you nor your guests will soon forget.

Simple and effortless is the hallmark of the Rose Gold Foil Large Plate because the small details don’t take away from the main attraction: warm-hued rose gold with a subtle metallic shimmer. These paper plates come packaged in a convenient set of 10 plates and measure 23 cm in diameter.

To ensure your party is a success, we’ve focused on using materials of only the highest quality. Besides being the perfect canvas to mark a special occasion, our design choice also enables your party supplies to be highly functional. Every Rose Gold Foil Large Plate is crafted of thick paper card stock, ensuring that your plates are food-friendly and durable.

Includes: 10 x plates

Size: 23cm diameter