Wheely Bugs

Brats n Rugrats

$65.00 $99.99

Wheely Bugs go backwards, forwards, sideways, round and round ... they can be ridden, pushed & pulled. Their bodies have a padded layer of sponge, covered with tough vinyl and can therefore easily be wiped clean.

Young toddlers can push Wheely Bugs, whilst the older ones can sit on them to whizz around.

Wheely Bugs feature multi-directional castors for superb mobility. Ideal for use on all level surfaces.

The small size Wheely Bug is suitable for children 1 -3 years of age.

The large size Wheely Bug is suitable for children 3 years + (however children from about 2 are normally tall enough to ride this size)

Ride On toys are great for developing gross motor skills and are good fun too!!!  Ride-on toys are important for improving a child's co-ordination and balance as they push along with their feet and learn to steer. They help boost a child's confidence and sense of being in control.